Our Approach

We’ve spent nearly two decades surfing, kitesurfing and SUP racing at the highest levels while learning from the best athletes in the sport.

Foil surfing is our latest addiction and we can’t believe the amount of stoke it’s been bringing us.

From our experience running surf camps at Blue Zone SUP, we’ve created a detailed coaching program for each foil surfing skill and technique.

Foot position, catching the wave, posture, wave approach and paddling technique are a few of the important skills we break down and coach our foil surf guests through.

On-water coaching and video analysis combine with our formula of progressive foil surf coaching to help you improve faster and have more fun than learning on your own, or anywhere else.

We believe in quality one-on-one coaching with minimal crowds in the water. This allows us to maximize your progression and enjoyment with us.

Safety is our number one priority. Helmet and pads are provided for all foil surfing guests. Learning to foil surf is fun and safe if done with professional instruction in the right setting.

Meet Your Coach

Chase Kosterlitz | Head Coach

Chase grew up a dedicated basketball player, competing at a collegiate level before moving on to a life on the water that started as a kite boarder and kite instructor in 2007.

From 2010 to 2017, Chase competed professionally as an internationally sponsored SUP racer. However, his passion always remained in surfing and all it’s forms. This led him to move with his family to Nosara to run Blue Zone SUP surf camps and start Blue Zone Foil Surf Camps.

With over 15 years of experience coaching basketball, kitesurfing, SUP racing and SUP surfing, Chase understands the importance of a good coach.

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