We’re excited to announce a progressive foil surf camp with guest coach, Brian Finch, from Foil The World. Brian has over 12k followers on his popular Instagram page where he shares the latest foil surfing news, progression and all-around amazing content. Brian is no slouch on the foil himself as he continues to progress and show himself as one of the top prone foil surfers in the world.

This camp will run like all of our foil surfing camps and will be open to both sup foil surfers and prone foil surfers. Blue Zone coach, Chase Kosterlitz, will work with the sup foil surfers while Brian works with the prone foil surfers. Learning how to progress your foil surfing with professional coaching and video analysis in a camp setting is one of the best ways to accelerate your foil surfing progression.

The foil surf spots in Nosara offer uncrowded, mushy and fun set ups to assist your foil surfing progression. Each day we will put our guests in the best conditions possible while focusing on individual goals with drills for improvement. This involves deliberate practice exercises, on-water coaching and video analysis of your sessions where you’ll really dial in your technique.

Guests will learn how to make late drops, carve back to the pocket and hit the foam with speed, flow from turn to turn, take more creative lines, pump back out to waves for connections and much more! Foil surfing is a dynamic sport with a huge amount of technique to take into account. The combined experience of the coaches this week, amazing foil surf waves and video analysis will make the Blue Zone Foil Surf vacation experience one to never forget.

Your entire trip is all-inclusive. Simply show up to the Liberia, Costa Rica airport and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us to reserve your spot today!